Hayk Zakaryan

Yerevan State University 

Hayk Zakaryan is very grateful to his teachers at Quantum college for stimulating his interest in physics and mathematics. At Yerevan State University he studied in the Faculty of Radiophysics, where he understood the importance and influence of science and physics on the development of society and Armenia. During a Master's degree in the department of Semiconductor Physics and Microelectronics he researched 2D materials and was convinced that the future of technology is in nanotechnology.

His PhD research concerned the simulation of gas adsorption on semiconductor surfaces. During this time he participated in several conferences and did an internship in Skoltech, Moscow.

He then started to work in the Center of Semiconductor devices and Nanotechnologies at Yerevan State University. His aim and dream is to create a research group in the field of computational chemistry and nanotechnology. Now he is supervising two students and has support from the the EaPConnect project's Enlighten Your Research programme to start new research in novel 2D materials and its applications in gas sensors.

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