Marica Dumitrasco

Institute of Juridical and Political and Sociological Research

Marica Dumitrasco is a Lead Researcher at the Institute of Juridical and Political and Sociological Research in Moldova, where she investigates social and economic aspects of Moldova’s European integration.


Marica obtained a degree in Economics at Chisinau State University in 1987, followed by a PHd in 1993, which she completed at the same time as working as an Engineer-Economist in the laboratory of territorial automated systems of the Research Planning Institute of ‘GOSPLAN’. In 1993 she began work as a researcher at the Market Problems Research Centre of Ministry of Economy and Academy of Sciences of Moldova, becoming Head of Projects by 1999.


From 2002-2006 she was Head of applied research projects, a member of the Scientific Counsel, Head of the International Department, and coordinator of international projects at the National Institute of Economy and Information of the Ministry of Economy and Reforms of the Republic of Moldova. She then became a consultant and Interim General Director at the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer of Academy of Sciences of Moldova, before moving to the Policy Department in Science and Innovation of the Supreme Council on Science and Technological Development.


In recent years Marica has also been a visiting professor at the Research Institute of the University of Bucharest and an Expert Evaluator at the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Professional Education in Chisinau.

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