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Mobile digital storytelling for cultural

heritage and the myth of connectivity

Presenter: Akrivi Katifori (EMOTIVE)


Mobile digital storytelling has been recognized as
a powerful tool to promote visitor engagement and
reflection, fostering a deeper connection with cultural heritage. Personalisation and social interaction are design mechanisms that further enhance the user experience. However, the assumption of mobile connectivity at the majority of museums or open heritage sites, needed to deploy complex and dynamic technical solutions, has proven to be over-optimistic. This presentation focuses on the range of design approaches developed within the CHESS and EMOTIVE projects, discussing how these were shaped by the need to create stable solutions even in the presence of an unstable or non-existent network.



Presenter: Steven Krauwer (CLARIN)


CLARIN is the Common Language Resources
and Technology Infrastructure for the Humanities
and Social Sciences. In my presentation I will
briefly explain what it is, how it works and what it does. The focus of CLARIN is on language and I will show how language plays a key role in many disciplines, even beyond the Humanities and Social Sciences, and how CLARIN aims at facilitating and supporting cross-language, cross-border and cross-discipline research. To conclude I will describe what we currently see as the main problems for our field.

Session 5: 'Connecting with Culture'

WEDNESDAY 25:   16:00 - 16:40

Session Chair: Sergei Kozlov (BASNET)


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