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Tetiana Preobrazhenska


Tetiana Preobrazhenska is a marketing consultant at URAN, the Ukrainian
Research and Academic Network Association. She has been working in the EaPConnect project marketing communications team since July 2018,

promoting URAN services to the scientific and educational community.

Tetiana received an economics degree from National Technical University Dnipro Polytechnic (Ukraine) and worked as an accountant for twelve years. The desire to communicate more with people rather than with numbers inspired her to drastically change her sphere of activity. Tetiana studied gestalt therapy at the Moscow Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama, worked as a business coach in the building supermarkets’ chain, and then came to marketing. She likes to share information with people on unique products that can help them in their work; likes to organise events and perform creative tasks. Another of Tetiana’s passions is literary translation from English into Russian. She has been doing this since 2013. More than a dozen books have been published with her translations.

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