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Ruben Elamiryan

Russian-Armenian University

Ruben Elamiryan is an Associate Professor at the Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia and a lecturer at the Russian-Armenian University. He received his PhD in Political Science (International Relations) in 2014 from the National Strategic Research Institute, under the Ministry of Defense of Armenia. His thesis is entitled, 'The problem of Information security in the context of providing the National Interest of the Republic of Armenia'.


He has approximately nine years’ experience in academic research and lecturing, starting from 2010, when he began his PhD studies. From September 2018 to August 2019 he undertook a Visiting Fulbright Scholar position at Princeton University, working on a project entitled, 'Eastern Partnership Countries on the cross-roads of the Eurasian Geopolitics: USA, EU, Russia, and China'. His research and teaching cover international relations, geopolitics, as well as international and cyber security, with focus on the South Caucasus, Eastern Europe, Russia, and Eurasia.

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