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Tomasz Parkoła


Tomasz Parkoła is team lead in Digital Libraries and Knowledge Platforms Department at PSNC, the national research and education network of Poland, where he has worked since 2004. 

He leads activities in national and international IT/R&D projects in the context of DInGO software package, i.e. digitisation workflow management systems, long-term preservation tools and on-line publishing platforms. He is also responsible for ongoing business processes related to the DInGO toolset. He was a national coordinator for the EIFL-FOSS programme (2010-2013). Since 2011 he is a board member in the IMPACT Centre of Competence and since 2016 he acts as a scientific and technology director. He was programme committee member for iPRES 2014, iPRES 2016, DATeCH 2017 and iPRES 2017. He is an author or co-author of several dozens of scientific and popular science publications.


Tomasz graduated from the Poznań University of Technology in 2005 and obtained a M.Sc. Eng. in computer science.

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